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Issue 2 - February 1972
And So To Bed
Once upon a time, in the fair lands of Pollenilia, dwelt a fair nation of flowers. They lived their lives in peace and harmony, far away from the black lands of pestilence and pruning.

One day, a weed, orphaned in a bitter war in a far off plain, limped by the happy nation, lonely and exhausted.

The flowers offered him their home and reared him through many a bright and sunny day.

Soon he was a fully grown weed and, with much malice, turned against his former friends and forced them to work long and cruel hours bringing him an excess of food and luxuries, while he lazed threateningly in the sun. Every now and then, he would give a flower who had dared to rest before finishing the arduous task he'd set a painful squeeze with his roots.

After many days of this cruel treatment, the flowers refused to do more for him and, turning their concerted strength against him, flung him from the borders of their nation. There he stayed, hungry and totally unable to supply himself with food, until, realising the error of his ways, he begged their forgiveness.

The flower nation, seeing the change in their former lord, welcomed him back with open petals and taught him how to live without having to force others to provide the goodness necessary for happiness.

And one bright morning, shortly after his return to the nation, the weed awoke to find himself a beautiful flower.

Uncle Mike