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Issue 2 - February 1972
Muther Grumble Benefit Concert
There's a rainbow hovering over what promises to be the best north-eastern gig for ages. It's being held in the Exhibition Hall, Bigg Market, Newcastle on Friday the 3rd of March. The place is vast, rambling, plenty of rooms, and so everyone should be able to get into their own thing …

At the moment we're trying for an all-nighter (9.00pm - 7.00am) but we're having licensing hassles so it might be from 7.00pm till 1.00am. We just hope that if it has to finish early those who face a long walk home will have learnt to fly!

It will be a mixed-media happening with music by Pete Brown and Graham Bond (and of course Henry the Horse dances the waltz), Fat Grapple, Raw Spirit, Tony Jackson and the Assassins, Ahimsa, Perception, Les Goften and anyone else who wants to play. Bring your guitars, bells and long hair. There will also be poetry by Tom Pickard and others, films by Fotomyx, conjuring by Steve the magical head, light shows, disco, theatre and anything else anyone else wants to do.

There will be stalls selling candles, joss sticks and assorted head gear (anyone who wants a stall should contact Muther Grumble as soon as possible). We'll be doing all the catering ourselves which will mean good cheap food, tea, coffee and soft drinks. Alcohol won't be on sale … we're aiming for total communication and peace.

The evening will cost only 50p per person and the profits, as explained in the editorial, will be fed back into the north-east community. Tickets will be on sale as follows: Newcastle Ultima Thule Bookshop, 22 Arcadia, Percy Street: Shakespeare Etc Osborne Road, Jesmond. South Shields Fotomyx, 15 Lawe Road. Sunderland The Durham Bookshop, Vine Place. Durham 13 Silver St.

See you there and remember lots of rainbows go to make …