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Issue 2 February 1972
W.R. Mysteries Of The Organism

Tyneside Film Theatre Public Cinema - Jan 24th for indefinite season.

Wilhelm Reich was a real revolutionary; he was not so much concerned with changing the economic system as with abolishing the sexual system.

The former system is basically a refinement of the forces that indicate human requirements. The latter is usually a perversion of those forces. As WR saw it, sexual repression caused actual physical illness and general human uptightness such as concern with power and politics. Good orgasms - and here I quote the blurb - were the answer to the world's problems. Free ourselves of sexual repressions and the other problems will soon disappear.

The film shows first interviews with those who knew Reich, and illustrates some of his techniques. Reich fled Hitler and Stalin to live in the States - where he was jailed and his books were burned. Nowadays I expect he would be jailed if he lived in Russia or Eire and would be a rich man in the USA where his theories have had most practical and institutional acceptance.

After this follows a story concerning two girls living in an apartment in a communist country. One screws while the other preaches Reichian views to fellow flat dwellers. This other is in fact somewhat choosy about whom she will be liberated with: a fellow worker is unacceptable, but a flashy Russian chauvinist ice-skater is just right. I leave you to imagine her fate.

Some nice incidentals - an actual plaster-casting session for those unacquainted with the method of the art - a loonie running around the city with a gun (toy or real?) - two gay dears strolling around, talking and necking.

A very enjoyable film.