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Issue 2 - February 1972
Dear Ma
Dear Grumblers

The newspaper is really good. It's always helpful to see the odd examples of pure anarchistic logic coming out of a paper. In a couple of articles it was particularly like that. So far the reaction over here has been surprisingly good. I sold ten and got involved in an argument, but it was an old argument, and I remembered the words!

Banging your head against a brick-wall in systems unfree, laced with overdoses of just liberal tolerance turns into complete f****** stupidity and builds up frustrations that are hard enough when it's for yourself, but it sickens me to find my friends having to run the same over the last six years. Some of my kids are going to find life very difficult. I f****** cry when I think of some of these wonderful people going out into that mess and being hurt. I realised a long time ago that to believe in those things you hold dear and to live them you can only expect to lay yourself open to assassination. Beautiful young souls tormented asking me why? And we talk about it and I just want to keep them outside the murder, the exploitation, the prejudice, the lies and hate, because they cannot understand why it should be, despite their awareness to this end every other dictatorship w***.

Sorry look, but things grow more and more intensive every day and you learn so much from the kids it cannot help but make you cry out.

Lots of Love
ps for *** insert your most meaningful hate word.

Dear Muthers,

I went to sign on last week, to find out that my money had been stopped. Off I went to the Assistance. I saw one of the blokes who told me that my money had been stopped because I didn't notify my change of address. I was told to wait till 2 o'clock for my giro. They paid them out over the counter because of the Christmas hols.

After waiting for 2 1/2 hours the giros were paid out but I never got mine. I went back to Reception where I was told to wait again. I waited and waited till 4.30 after other visits to the Reception desk. Then I was told that my giro had been sent. I got lots of apologies from another guy. Altogether I had to wait 5 1/2 hours. When I got my money the next day I had 55 pence less. So I wrote a letter to the manager complaining, stating that I was going to see my MP. The same day that they received my letter someone came to see me. I got my arrears and normal money and yet again apologies. Next day I got a letter from the manager apologising. He also said it wouldn't happen again. IT BETTER NOT.

Love and Peace,


Dear Muther Grumble,

Uncareers is about work people want to do. Most people don't work because they want to - they do it for money, to obtain a comfortable way of life, because it is expected of them; rarely because the work is something they personally want to do and feel should be done. We want to inform people about ways of stepping outside the usual jobs system, and doing something for its own sake.

We began last spring, and are now into the second edition of our 'Directory of Alternative Work', and the whole project is growing. The directory gives information about community action and development projects, more informal kinds of social work, co-operative workshops, street theatre and kids play, free schools, communal living, the non-commercial press - all and everything that concerns people at people level.

There are many people who would work towards a different society if they didn't feel that supporting the present one was unavoidable. Many of us do jobs that are only bearable if we shut our minds while doing them - it's a pity if we are only alive at weekends, and other possibilities do exist. More and more people ARE beginning to work together co-operatively on projects of their own, and are doing many effective and useful things; however these are not easy alternatives to conventional jobs: many are very imaginative and direct - they try not to limit people to particular tasks; which means both that you can express yourself and that you are subjected to demands that people in ordinary jobs are protected from. There isn't a position cut out for you because you and the people around you are shaping your work.

Everyone has a lot to give, share and use, and very little of that comes from paper qualifications.

If you are interested please write to us - we'd be pleased to hear from you.


PS The Directory of Alternative Work can be obtained from the Muther Grumble office.