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Issue 2 - February 1972
Book Review
Consumer's Guide To The Protection Of The Environment, Jonathan Holliman.
Pan / Ballantine 40p

no bullshit, this really should be compulsory reading if you are at all interested in the world you live in.

don't think that sitting in a cosy house flushing your excreta into the sewers is going to bring about the millennium cos it won't. what you do is the spirit of life injected into your ideas and beliefs, and a cardinal point about this book is that it tells you what you can do.

the areas it covers include population, power, transport, and over-consumption. it acts as an environmentalist's 'which' in pointing out dangerous products and their alternatives. for all the details get hold of a copy soon, but here are some hints (for your protection).

  1. stop buying tinned, frozen & 'convenience' foods. get fresh vegetables, free range eggs & don't overcook your food. start a compost heap if you have a garden. why pollute yourself?
  2. don't smoke (or cut down). if you live near polluting industry, keep your windows shut. if you work in dirty, dusty, or chemical-polluted industry, demand protection from the management. noise kills - ear plugs are cheap.
  3. buy a bicycle; it is cheap to run, exercises you and doesn't snort exhaust out of a pipe.
  4. don't buy packaging instead; decline aerosols, plastic and aluminium packaging. return non-returnable bottles. don't buy you-know-who's bottles. don't buy kleenex or any other tissue, disposable paper or plastic goods.

finally, remember that there are alternatives to current packaging and merchandising trends. if you purchase a copy of this book, you will save money, your health, and your environment.

spare a thought for the tree from which it was made.