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Issue 2 - February 1972
Gay Bust
Once upon a time, just after the two murders on the town moor quite some months ago, the pigs picked up a well known old Queen in one of the gay pickup places. They asked this one who he had seen the evening before. He gave the names of about 4 or 5 others, one of them a boy of 16. They were pulled in and gave other names, and the whole thing snowballed.

At one time there were as many as 30 if reports are to be believed. Well, the pigs cut this down to a total of 11, all of whom had been out with the sixteen year old. According to the people involved there were no threats or falls down the steps at Pilgrim Street. Credit where it's due, the pigs stuck pretty well to being gentlemen.

All of the 11 are now remanded to the next Crown Court on charges of Buggery, Attempted Buggery and Gross Indecency.

The 16 year old was busted two years ago for the same thing. Some of these charges date back to over a year ago.

These are events told to me by others and they may not be 100% correct.

A police spokesman agreed that "a number of people" had been committed to the Crown Court for trial on charges of this nature.

A further check with the Crown Court office in Newcastle revealed that at least four such cases were listed to be heard before a High Court Judge starting February 8.

An official at the Court Office also said that three other committals on similar charges were expected from various magistrates courts.

The lowering of the age of majority after the report of the Latey Commission also applies to the legality of consenting homosexuals making love in private. No reasonable man could believe that at least seven such alleged cases were entirely unrelated. (Editors)