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Issue 2 - February 1972
A Day In The Life
(The instructions, which are reprinted below, were given to shop assistants by the manager of a store in East Anglia.)


  1. The store must open promptly at 6.00am until 9.00pm all the year round.
  2. Lamps must be trimmed, filled and chimney cleaned, pens made, doors and windows opened.
  3. A pail of water and scuttle of coal must be brought in by each clerk before breakfast.
  4. Any employee who is in the habit of smoking Spanish cigars, getting shaved at a barber's shop, going to dances and other such places of amusement will surely give his employer reason to be suspicious of his integrity and all-round honesty.
  5. Each employee must pay not less than one guinea per head to the Church and attend Sunday School every Sunday.
  6. Men may take one evening a week for courting purposes and two if they go to prayer meetings regularly.
  7. Spare time should be devoted to reading good literature.

(Before readers start doubting either the manager's sanity or our accuracy, we hasten to point out that the above was issued in 1854.)