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Issue 1 - February 1972
Dope Grill
Still suffering from throat trouble after grilling their students recently are two senior members of staff at Neville's Cross College, Durham City.

My friend "Dosser" tells me that several persons on the college governing body were scarcely pleased about a directive, thought to emanate from County Hall, asking for co-operation in a little informal drugs survey.

Nevertheless, all resident students received a letter, inviting them to a confidential chat with a senior member over "An important matter".

Each student was asked
(a) had they ever taken drugs for pleasure?
(b) who did they know in college who took drugs for pleasure?
(c) did they know who supplied these drugs?
(d) would they tell either the police or college authorities about drug activities in college?

These tactics were, to say the least, unpleasant and led to acute tension among students.

However, the utter failure of this elephantine diplomacy to produce "results" became obvious as the afternoon progressed.

More sober readers will no doubt remember similar attempts by the authorities to probe leisure activities of Durham students.

At the end of last year the Durham Students Union refused to circulate a questionnaire relating to drug use among young people.

This particular thirst for knowledge was masterminded by a certain A Sharp, Assistant Director for Secondary Education in Durham County.

He smokes elegant cheroots and claims to know all about Marcuse and McLuhan.