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Issue 17 - December 1973
Divine £ight Incorporated

"Ain't that just like junk?" said Rita and Tom the other night as they were taking their medicine before slipping off into the land of dreams and black lagoons. "Ain't that just like junk to beat ya to it? Soon as you learn to accept one kind they get an even more powerful one on the street. Ain't that the truth?"

Tom started off smoking a little shit at weekends just so as he could relax and gain acceptance. Next thing he knows he was fixing speed and snorting good old Mr Charlie. He was just about as low as a man can get when he bumped into Judy. She'd been out of town for a couple of months and looked different. Tom smiled when she led him away from the noise of the streets of the city. Obviously she had some powerful junk and you never can tell ... maybe this time he would manage to forget.

In the middle of the Town Moor, where only the cows live, he turned to her and touched a tit tenderly. Slowly she shook his hand off. So it was that good? Enough to make you forget about the body? Wow the final and total detached existence! The look in her eye told him he was right. Somehow she had managed to score something so powerful that neither of them were going to come back. How right he was.

Junk is total control and the total junk is total control and control is power. The man who controls the industry controls your life. Junk, just like sex, can be used as a weapon. A weapon of control. A weapon of total political control.

The Divine Light Mission is a junk more powerful than heroin. A narcotic that can destroy the mind quicker than mainlining speed. A hallucination more deadly than pumping a bottle of cough mixture into your veins. The Divine Light Mission is the power and the control I am talking about.

Tom was a harmless junkie until that fateful day Judy lay 'the truth' on him. Now he's a jibbering idiot who can't carry out the natural functions he has to carry out if he is to survive and develop into a thinking creature. His desires have been rejected and suppressed because he believes them to be the products of evil and vanity and destruction. Everything that made up what he was is gone. Everything that made him what he wished to be are gone. Everything is gone. Everything other than the need for the next hit of white light. And the only place he can get that from is the boy guru. To get his junk he has to accept the rules of the game and the rules of this game include letting someone else make the rules and the choices and the decisions for him. AND CONTROL IS POWER. THE DIVINE LIGHT MISSION IS CONTROL WHICH EQUALS POWER.

The fact that the FAT BOY has a car that cost £25,000 is irrelevant. The fact that he has a Long Island home is not important. The fact that he is on a 13,300 dollar bond because the Indian customs found him taking in 35,000 dollars worth of watches, jewellery and foreign currency is just a lie of those that are afraid of his DIVINE POWER. The fact that the mission is buying a disused cinema in South London for £60,000 and evicting the inhabitants of the flat above. And the fact that the charity commissioner is investigating the affairs of the mission, are of no importance. The fact that the mission is now reported (a lie obviously!) to be an industry that takes home a QUARTER OF A MILLION POUNDS EACH MONTH does not mean that he is not GOD or at least 'A Perfect Master' or some such thing. But let us be logical: he does have a car that cost what some people take 25 YEARS TO EARN (gross!). It is the same car that the Pope has: bullet proof and very comfortable. He was given (from a faithful follower?) a 'home' on Long Island: and he is on a bond because of his suitcase and its contents when returning to India. These are the facts but not the most important ones.

It's quite difficult to get his followers to say exactly what he is. He seems to be one or all of the following things: god, the son of god, the present AND LAST perfect master. They claim that HE IS THE WAY and that all others are not. The way to perfect spiritual enlightenment is either through him or not at all. He is the man and all others are a lie.

Any 'religious' organisation that claims to have sole rights to 'god' and the 'truth' are either crazy or suspect. Surely, there are as many ways as there are people searching for it? But no, that's not the case I'm afraid. He is it. And that's that!

And I agree with them: the fact that he is a very rich boy is irrelevant (also irreverent I would imagine) IT'S THE POWER THAT COUNTS. I'd be a fool if I thought that the game was just a simple clean living con and overlooked the main fact. Just as junk is control and power then 'religion' is usually used as this same control and power. Whatever we may think about the origins of religion it's damn obvious that it did not include control and money. "Give me your money and I'll organise every aspect of your life for you. I'll tell you what to believe as far as every detail is concerned. I'll tell you what to reject and what to accept. And best of all I have the answers to EVERYTHING so there'll be no need for you to try and find out the answers 'cos I have 'em. Stop searching - accept me. I know it all." Anything that stops you asking questions is a lie. Only the open ends are truth.

If you want to be exact then you can say that everything is control and power and you'd be right. From the food we eat to all of the philosophical conclusions of the world, whether they are political or religious; but the Divine Light Mission is the grossest example there is at the moment; in fact, I would say that it was the grossest example since Hitler.

The established churches are falling and I would have hoped that this was indeed the age of reason when men would start to think and act for themselves; and that started to look as if it was going to happen but the backlash is upon us. You can't wipe out thousands of years of conditioning just like that. The organised religions are indeed being rejected but the unfortunate thing is that the need for those organised religions has not been put down so new churches are still springing from the old fears. Fears of death and rejection, and until we are capable of accepting the fact that we will die and that basically we are, and always will be, alone. Until we can accept these facts then overweight conmen like this present 'guru' will continue to feed lies to the weak and gullible. They will continue to devour the most important aspect of man: that he has the choice and that he cannot throw it away no matter how hard he may try. There is nothing beyond you: you are the master and the slave; the jail and the god; you are all things and all is in you. That is the weight you have to carry and you cannot hire someone else to do your job for you.

Since this article was written it has come to our attention that Guru Maharaj Ji has been up to his tricks again. Indian customs recently confiscated from him £20,000 of jewellery and watches as he landed at New Delhi airport. Business must be booming.