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Issue 16 - October 1973
Watch The Skies
The photograph shown was taken in Los Angeles by a member of a well known British band. It is the first publication of this excellent UFO photograph.

... I tried to put across in the first article* I believe that UFOs are signs of the existence of God. A statement which is open to a thousand arguments but space will not allow them. For this I apologise but ask you to bear with me.

Before the Romans came to this wooded land there dwelt a strange and ancient race. Strange mounds and stones of mystical significance covered the land. Even today 40,000 mounds and barrows (earthworks) and over 900 stone circles remain and how many must have been destroyed? This land I think must have been Atlantis, because the builders of our ancient monuments were a highly civilised race. One Professor of English at Oxford said of a stone circle in the Shetlands that whoever built it was in advance of our civilisation. Of course you'll find it hard to find an archaeologist who even believes Atlantis existed, but greater men have said it existed and I'll follow them and intuition.

When the Romans invaded they found a race of heathens who believed in earth forces and magical persons, who worshipped stones as representatives of God. Within a couple of hundred years the original race retreated to Scotland, Wales, Devon and Cornwall and the only books to come down to us are of Roman date. And they can tell us enlightening things to mention two ...

Around the year 440 St Patrick and a fellow monk came upon Ynys-Wittrin (Glastonbury Tor), after climbing the thickly wooded hill (now treeless) they found a ruined oratory. After a diligent search they found an old, partly destroyed volume of the Acts of the Apostles and the works and deeds of saints Paganus and Deruvianus and in the back of the book notes saying that the oratory had been built by the said saints "from Revalation of Jesus Christ and dedicated to Saint Michael, the Arch Angel". "After finding this treasure I and my brother Wellias fasted 3 months, engaging in prayer and watching". Watching, watching for what?

Nearer home Saint Cuthbert while at the Abbey at St Abbs Head while the others slept would go out at night "to watch and pray". To watch, to watch for heavenly signs?

The photograph you see, I believe is a heavenly sign from God or whatever you conceive to be.

Unfortunately here I must finish but would welcome any correspondence and also descriptions of any local sightings with dates etc, if possible.

Watch the skies.