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Issue 16 - October 1973
The Road To Freedom
So Allende has been murdered. They finally did it, the Brotherhood of International Fascism / conservatism / toryism has murdered another leader of human rights. Thousands of people have died in the battles (battles?) in the slaughters of the military take-over in Chile. They are still dying. Trade union leaders are being executed daily, internments, beatings, sporadic fighting, curfew, martial law and all the other benefits of capitalism return to blind power continue.

Allende was the world's first democratically elected Marxist leader and as the law of averages go it seems not to be the most long-lived of careers. In this great western civilisation of ours it seems you may as well live by the great Tory ideals of, look after No.1: I'm alright Jack, fuck you: sympathy is weakness: get to the top no matter who you stand on, kick, kill: because they don't change their programming for no-one, but no-one.

Remember Spain? They are the ones who went to South America and slaughtered a whole race. The rulers of South America are Spanish and the workers are the race they nearly wiped out. Remember Spain. In 36 Franco and his landowners (the money-holders) with the help of Hitler overthrew the democratically elected socialist government. 2 million people died.

This time Allende had even more formidable odds against him. Not only was there the ultra-right wing landowners / aristocracy and middle-class totally opposing and hating him, he also had American and English tory money barons who had been exploiting the land and people against him and, baby, they are MEAN.

After election Allende did what few politicians do, he honoured his promised nationalisation of foreign held investments equipment, mines money, massive housing projects for the abysmally poor working class: major land reform returning land to the people of the land, but he was beset by difficulties. The civil service was too corrupt to be able to carry out its work.

Sales embargoes by countries which lost equipment, England and USA and money (mainly money; that which they were making and were expecting to make). Cutting off American aid and food which caused serious shortages leading to middle-class resentment (the No Caviar Blues) which was worsened by a strike by right-wing lorry owners and transportation in Chile is a major need. Chile is 3,000 miles long but only 120 miles wide at its broadest part and ranges in climate from tropical to sub-Arctic, mountain to desert. As I said he had problems.

American and European wanted him out and with the help of the Army (the Espano recruiting squads of dumb fascists from the middle-class). Nixon knew of the planned coup days before it happened. Washington originally expected the coup on the Monday but it was postponed a day till final plans with the police were completed. Nixon knew it was going to happen, under their beautiful law doesn't that make him guilty of complicity to murder? And Heath, what did he know? And Rio Tinto Zinc? Our so righteous leaders in complicity to murder for money. The marrowless philosophy of conservatism collapses.

The Spanish government recognised the fascist takeover almost immediately and shortly after with a whimper the English Tories "we support the fascist takeover with the resultant murderous scourges of socialist supporters". "We support the overthrow of a democratic elected government by terrorists blah, blah, sodden blah". (Ireland is a green and pleasant land in the Atlantic.) Get them back to work. Before Allende arose (1971) we, no not us them the Tory companies exported £22 million of goodies and imported £48 million. Oh it would really break their hearts to lose that; couldn't trade you see, after they nationalised English holdings, that's unethical.

In these troubled times could it happen here? 100 miles away bullets fly. France is a police state. America owns West Germany, the rich rule Italy and Portugal, Spain is a fascist state. Big money is getting scared. If it can't admit capitalism has failed, would it try, would it try to build towards 1984 (has it started?) And if it came the year of the Pig in England, my friend, with whom would you stand?