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Issue 15 - September 1973
If You Liked Hitler, You'll Love Nixon


1913 - born, California.
1918 - age five, obsessed with cleanliness and offended by smells.
1926 - puberty, his mother takes him to Arizona away from his father.
1927 - barker for wheel of chance at Poker and Dice Palace, Prescott, Arizona.
1933 - law school at Duke University.
keen football player.
1939 - tries to join the FBI, turned down.
goes into law practice into home town, Whittier, California.
1940 - becomes Whittier Police Prosecutor.
marries Pat.
Goes to Cuba "to explore the possibilities", meets Bebe Rebozo.
1941 - employed by the Office of Price Administration rationing tyres.
1942 - joins the US Navy.
runs 'Nixon's Snack Shack'.
1945 - goes back to law practice in Whittier.
Citra Frost.
1946 - runs for Congress, backed by local mobster Mickey Cohen, his campaign manager is top Mob lawyer Murray Chotiner, paid for by big business via the Bank of America.
1952 - backed at the Republican Convention by Eastern financial groups. Nominated for Vice President by Tom Dewey.
caught running Republican slush fund; denies it all on national TV with dog in lap, Richard weeps.
moves to Florida.
1956 - Eisenhower wants to drop him as Vice Presidential candidate, but Nixon refuses to step down.
1960 - helps to plan invasion of Cuba.
loses election to Kennedy, psychiatric treatment.
1962 - thrashed by Pat Brown in election for Governor of California, screams at reporters, has psychiatric treatment again.
1963 - Donald Kendall, chairman of Pepsico, gets Nixon a job with top law firm ?? Rose, Guthrie and Alexander.
visits Paradise Island, Bahamas, as guest of Huntington Hartford.
Invests in Fishers Island Incorporated with Bebe Rebozo.
1963 to 1968 - travels world representing Pepsico.
1967 - buys his Key Biscayne, Florida home from Donald Berg, involved with the Florida Development Co.
1968 - January, guest celebrity at gala opening of Mob casino on Paradise Island (owned by Mary Carter Paint Co).
backed for president by west coast mobster John Alessio.
August, gets use of Mary Carter yacht during Republican Convention.
becomes President of the United States.
1969 - sells Fishers Island Inc stock at 100% profit - Nixon's only successful business deal.

1970 -


March, tries to protect Alessio from prosecution. Tries again in April but J Edgar Hoover is gunning for Alessio.
May, invades Cambodia.
August, pinches part of Marine base at Camp Pendleton for real estate development, allowed to join the exclusive San Onofre surf Club.
1971 - May, bribed by ITT to stop anti-trust prosecutions.
June, made a special FBI agent by Hoover.
starts recruiting White House 'plumbers' and Creep agents.
August, declares trade war on the rest of the world.
December 23, pardons Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa.
1972 - February, admitted to China for interview with Chinese leaders.
April, summit in Moscow, brings back Pepsi franchise.
May, appoints his old friend L Patrick Gray to head FBI when Hoover dies.
May, initial Watergate buggings; Daniel Ellsberg beaten up by Nixon's 'dirty tricks' men.
June, Nixon's men caught in Watergate.
July, bribes Teamsters Union to endorse him for President.
November, elections. Rejected by 2/3 of the American electorate, but claims "landslide victory".
1973 -

January, agrees to stop bombing Indochina and to withdraw US troops from Vietnam. Bombs Cambodia and large areas of Vietnam and Laos anyway.
May, accepts "responsibility but not blame" for Watergate. Purges White House of all major staff, to save his own skin.
June, ex-White House aides in the Erlichman group give evidence implicating opposing faction led by former Attorney-General Mitchell. Nixon implicated by John Dean.


Nixon's life from The Digger
Photos from Playgue