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Issue 15 - September 1973
Don't Spill It, Give It
I wonder how many people are able to become blood donors, do not and are able to say WHY they do not?

With a certain percentage of the population the answer would boil down to one word. FEAR. Naturally this is not something which anyone need be ashamed of. It is understandable how a person can imagine that by giving some of their blood away they will feel the worse off for it. However, speaking as a blood donor, I know how quickly this fear sails away from you. In fact, the whole procedure is so painless and comfortable that afterwards I feel almost guilty about being so proud of my spent half hour. This thirty minutes covers the time for the transfusion itself, a ten-minute lie-down after and your tea/coffee and biscuits. Which, if you think about it for just thirty seconds isn't really long when you think about all the good that you can do by giving blood.

Aside from this certain percentage I think the remainder of people who are not blood donors (although some people do not give blood on religious grounds) are just being lazy about it. They cannot be bothered to make a simple enquiry. To be so lacking in such an easy piece of self-discipline is really very shameful. And, the people who fit into this group must surely realise that this is so. They must because they know of the little children who are badly burned and need the blood to assist in skin grafts. There are also endless other accidents that can happen. Not only to children but to adults as well. Then there are the numerous operations carried out all the time. Blood is needed constantly.

Again, there is no pain attached to being a blood donor. Your blood will not be taken if you are not fit enough. On attending the session there is a very well trained staff who keep very careful check on everything that is happening. The doctor in charge sees that you are healthy enough for your blood to be taken.

Blood donor sessions are held in clinics and other buildings in all the towns and many of the villages throughout the country, so you never have far to travel. So if you would like to help just get in touch.

Remember it's so painless that it's almost like a holiday to be treated in such a pleasant and comfortable manner. And, if you make enquiries and then change your mind you cannot be forced to give your blood. All blood donors are entirely voluntary, giving their blood because of their willingness to help their fellow man. It really is such an easy way to give life.


The address of the nearest centre for enquiries is:
Regional Transfusion Centre
Westgate Road
Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6QH