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Issue 15 - September 1973
I totally agree with the need for conservation of nature, but from the example of Cow Green I reckon we can probably do without conservationists (the professional kind). As lots of you probably know, there used to be a valley in Teesdale you could walk down for a couple of miles and come to a beautiful waterfall called Cauldron Snout. Then they made a reservoir in the valley, which was just passable 'cos the water looks like a natural lake apart from the dam, but ... When the reservoir was built the conservationists went hysterical because on the moors around the valley are lots of rare glacial plants that aren't found anywhere (except on a bank at Langdon Beck which the County Council bulldozed away when they widened the road) so, to stop the common herd from trundling all over their precious plants they've built a TARMAC ROAD from the NEW CAR PARK and TOILET BLOCK down to the waterfall.

To preserve these plants (which, by the way, are so difficult to find that you have to be an expert to do it) they've ruined a really nice walk along the valley; and by building toilets and a car park, they've attracted hoards of tourists who are more likely to disrupt the ecology of the valley with cars and picnics than are the nature enthusiasts and keen walkers who used to be the main visitors to the valley and to Cauldron Snout.