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Issue 14 - July 1973
Parrot Post

It seems to me that there are three classes in our society who are more or less against the System - viz the students, the workers, and the hippies. They all look down on each other, alas. I feel that they have a common cause and should get together somehow. Wouldn't it be a good idea if hippies left their trendy boutiques and isolated communes and all got jobs in hospitals and factories? It would show the worker that the hippies cared about them, which I suspect they are inclined to doubt at present. I know some hippies do these sort of jobs anyway but lots don't. Then there are the students. Any student who is genuinely against the system and sympathetic to the workers should, I feel, show it by leaving the university and getting a job, washing dishes or something. The university is, after all, training him to become part of the bourgeois elite. So if all the students and hippies joined workers in their jobs there might be a beginning of some understanding between the three groups. Which is a very desirable thing. Well at least it seems desirable to me but I suppose I'm just a freak. Hope there are others around.