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Issue 14 - July 1973
Hot Spot
Councillor Marks Nayman, representative of Northgate and Central Ward in Darlington, has denied having any connection with the UK Club in Lloret del Mar, Spain.

Here are some facts:

Councillor Nayman is the proprietor of Bondgate Insurance Services.

An advertisement in the Northern Echo for workers in the club gave the phone number of Bondgate Insurance Services.

Mr Eddie Rush is the manager of the night club.

Mr Eddie Rush was, at one time, a partner in the firm of insurance brokers.

Susan Kehve of Atherton Street East, Durham answered the advertisement and was employed by Mr Rush. Soon after she arrived in Spain her wages were halved and two weeks later she was fired because the night club was being turned into a discotheque. She was left stranded and had to make her way back to Durham overland, returning with 10p in her pocket.

Letters written to Susan and another employee, Marco Valenti from Newton Aycliffe, were on paper with the insurance firm's heading.

Councillor Nayman visited the UK club about two weeks before the district elections in which he was standing as a candidate in Northgate and Central Ward.

Councillor Nayman was quoted in the Northern Echo of Saturday 30th June as saying "I am not a partner in the club, in fact I have no financial interest in it whatsoever. I just happened to be on holiday and when I heard about the trouble called in at the club to help smooth things over because I was friendly with Mr Rush.

"It's no use anyone blaming me for anything that happened at this club, I am an insurance broker."