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Issue 13 - June 1973



Muther Grumble would like to thank Tim and Marlene for their fantastic gift which put new life into us all.

Also, we'd like to thank Ahimsa, Mike and his turntable, Andy and the Wobblies, Les Gofton and everyone who came to the benefit. Woops nearly forgot the Durham Mobile Theatre, see ya in Silver St.

We also send best wishes to Ian and Pam who went off and did it. Good luck to ya mate. We mustn't forget George who has gone to L.A. to get away from us no doubt.

This issue was produced? or is it reproduced? by the following band of gypsies,

Don, Bill, Pat, Sue, Mike, Janis, Geoff, Malcolm, Ted, Marion, Chris, Viv, Nora, Paul, Sian. That's not many is it?

Published by Parrot Publications, 13 Silver Street, Durham City. Tele. 61242.

Printed by Moss-side Press, Manchester.