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Issue 13 - June 1973
Parrot Post
So at last fans of one Gilbert O'Sullivan are going to have a chance of seeing the entertainer in person. I say 'chance' because I am pretty sure that the inordinate seat prices will put many of them off.

They range from 75p to a staggering £2.50p. Now I ask the staunchest of his fans, is there any need to charge so much? After all, his two number one hits (and other big ones) should give him enough money to provide himself with a comfortable future without making such demands on other people's social lives. When I went to book, I could have, but only just, have afforded to pay £1.75p (the cheapest seats available) but decided against it on the principle that if the concert arrangers think so little of their patrons as to charge so much then I think so little of them not to pay it.

As a footnote I would like to say that I can remember the time when I saw The Who, The Small Faces, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Joe Cocker and two other supporting groups with the top price seat being 15s (75p).

In those golden years of package tours we certainly received good value for money. I fully realise that the cost of living has risen since then but not enough to condone the arrogant prices of seats from O'Sullivan. And, just in case anyone should miss the point of this article, although not one of my very favourite entertainers I do enjoy Gilbert O'Sullivan's music. I think if the top price for tickets had been £1.50p then that would have been okay for the best seats, leading down to 40p for the cheapest.

One very final note just in case people are thinking that The Who package was in the days before the above entertainers had achieved any kind of status all of the top four have records in the top fifty.

Peacefully, John