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Issue 13 - June 1973
And Windsor

Pollution, over-population, social injustice and inequality, war, sexual repression, selfishness and loneliness - all have something in common. They are all part of the ills of contemporary society and are the product of one basic unit - the family. The people - call them hippies if you like - who want an end to these problems, who want to replace the mad material acquisitiveness of modern man with the ethic "Take only what you need" - who believe in communes have found in the great music festivals a powerful means of coming together and inspiring one another with the confidence and love, the spiritual rebirth, to build the world anew.

Obviously, if the festival is to achieve its full potential it must be taken out of the hands of the big business entrepreneur and put in the hands of those to whom it truly belongs - the PEOPLE. The second People's Festival in Windsor Great Park starts this year on 25 August and will go on for as long as the people out there so desire. Last year the daily press warned people against going, the so-called underground press like OZ predicted it would not happen at all. But the 1,500 or so people who turned up had one of the happiest and most inspiring two weeks of their lives feasting on one another's company and attracting more newspaper coverage than the commercial Isle of Wight festival which was attended by 250,000 people. Why? Because the People's Festival was held in the finest park in Britain, legally owned by the Queen, the symbol of the System and Family life.

We have no money apart from our wages and we are proving that without Big Business or Influence (all the contributors are small but talented people) we can have a great festival. We are going to do it every year until we win!

If you have ideas on helping write to the Festival Commune, 26a Elmbourne Road, SW17 8JR or come to our work meetings held every Monday and Tuesday at 7pm at 145 Prince of Wales Road, NW5.

Bill (UBI) Dwyer