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Issue 13 - June 1973
Free Festival In Durham

When people make music together under the open sky, the experience is unpredictable, just that it must be an experience (what more?) it might be wet, it might be sunflame hot, you might be high or you might not ... but anyway-up it's going to happen in Durham City on Sunday 24 June.

Many moods and much talk follows an unborn scheme through its gestation and natal convulsions: resolve to do it and it's born, easy as a lamb, this scheme is undergoing intensive post-natal therapy but the only way it's going to get to be a full-grown funk-out is when you decide to come ... do it.

A sloping meadow, trees to swing in, grass to roll in, food to nourish you and a vibration that should radiate to the furthest corners of the Northern Echo, for that, we will each have to be loose as a moose, free as a tree and wild as a child.

The kids making the music under the soft shelter of the Zafu are people we know and love from around the north-east, if somebody comes from far away (up, down all round) we have to make them feel like they know us ... easy if we're loose and free and wild, hard if we bind and clutch up tight, but who's into that by nature? I don't believe nobody is.

Have you ever rolled your eye-joints around the strong soft structure of a dome? We're building as many as we can for everyone to contemplate, the biggest will be the stage-cover (must keep the PA dry) ... a Zafu dome, others will be all sizes, hidden here, obvious there, members of the Human Race, US branch, with a little less self-interest, have used geometry and technology to find a sympathetic structure to replace the sharp-cornered, ever-so-common box ... look at the next box-building you see (you're probably in one now) and imagine it with a few curves or all curved ... we people just seem to prefer roundness to squareness, a dome is an amazing way of building curves by banging triangles together, each on a different plane ... clear as a day-dawn summer-worn in Colorado. You'll just have to come and look whatis-themore ... don't have no truck with commerce: the music and spectacle will be as free as the laughter, air, earth, space, and sunshine (or rainshine, it costs a bit to put on so you might get asked for a few pennies to help, just so long as you don't start trying to work out whether it's "worth the bread"; who knows ... some benefactor may step out of an ICI complex and finance us through the sale of industrial chemicals; I hope he doesn't, but money can be found in little stashes around the place, if you've any ideas send them to Muther.

If you climb Durham cathedral tower before 24 June look at all the meadows close by the town and imagine one full of happy people and motley domage: you might be looking at the right one.

When and where will be communicated through grapevine, beanstalk and lurvelly posters all over the area. Looking to see you on a Sunday afternoon in June.