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Issue 13 - June 1973
I.T.'s A Rip Off
By now most people will know that OZ has folded up owing about £17,000 (I wish we were rich enough to owe that much!) Still, it is a shame and seems very much like the end of an era. But we can rest assured that IT will not suffer the same fate, cos as far as money is concerned they must be rolling in it.

For instance recently IT have been selling back issues for up to £10 each. Which must be a good business to get into, but that isn't all they've been up to.

For the last few issues IT has had a big advert for a year's subscription to IT. Declaring in big letters 'FREE' the Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd's new LP. Great you think and rush off to buy a stamp, but read the small print first, like all wise laddies should. Yes, the new Pink Floyd album is being offered free with a year's subscription to IT, price of subscription £5.35, but wait, it says I enclose £5.35 for a year's sub, plus free Pink Floyd double album. Surely everybody knows it's only a single album, if you don't just go and check at the local record shop. Maybe it was an error but the same ad has been in all the last few issues.

Let's go back to the £5.35. If you think that's a lot more than 26 times 15p (price of IT), you're right, it's £1.45p more. To cover postage should only be about 90p at the most and sure enough if you look back to the last issue without the add for a free album, a year's subscription was only £4.80. Oh well!

Suddenly, you think all is revealed when you notice that along the bottom of the ad it says the increase in subscription rates is due to added postal charges following IT's increase to 32 pages.

Remembering the ad is on the back (i.e. last) page you look up and find that it's page 24!!! That's where I gave up.