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Issue 13 - June 1973
Peoples Place

Once upon a time, just 5 years ago, there lived a Poor person. Well a relatively poor person because he had obtained, by means never disclosed, a Large Sum of Money of magnitude One Hundred and Fifty Pounds.

Now this person lived in that part of the country called variously the North East, or Geordie Land, or Depressed Area, and it was inhabited by an ubiquitous tribe called the Unemployed. The young members of this tribe were very wild and they had long hair. They said Rude Things to the authorities and had been known not to Move Along Quietly There. And their elders did not understand them and some of them had nowhere to live.

So our poor person took his money to a Housing Agent and said I will give you all the One Hundred and Fifty Pounds if you will give me a Big House.

So the housing agent said Yes I have a lot of big empty houses but you will first of all have to get a Mortgage for One Thousand and Five Hundred Pounds from a Building Society. And the Housing Agent then put on another hat a said I am a Building Society what do you want and our person said a Mortgage.

Are you of the Unemployed Tribe said the Building Society. No said our person and the Building Society said if you pay me sixteen pounds every month you can have a Mortgage for Twenty Years.

Ooh thanks said our person.

So the House was bought and it was filled with members of the Unemployed Tribe who were financed by a group of kind philanthropists called the Department of Health and Social Security who paid their rent which paid the Mortgage.

And they had many Adventures.

Now the Leader of the Country at this time was a politician one of whose names was Edward Heath although he was called other things such as Harold Wilson. And one day the Leader made a magic spell called an Election Pledge. Now this is a special sort of spell which means that whatever you say the Opposite is sure to happen. So the Leader said at the Stroke of my Magic Wand I will Reduce Prices. And our person was very pleased because he knew all about election pledges.

And 5 years later the house was sold for Six Thousand and Five Hundred Pounds. And this is called a Profit.

So our person took the profit and bought another two houses and a Church Hall. And he said in Thanksgiving to our Leader for his election pledge I will give this hall to the people and the Law said No. The Law said this Hall is Property and people cannot own Property only a private person or a company.

So our person said I will make people a Company and he did and called it People and got a Certificate from a Man called a Registrar who lives in London so it must be true.

And to this day People live in the Hall which is called the Peoples Place in Derby Tce in South Shields. And many activities are carried out there including the Claimants' Union and the Tenants Associations and political actions of Various Kinds.

And if you call there you will be made very welcome especially if you are of the Unemployed Tribe and People will tell you all about their Adventures and how to use the Magic Election Spell and how to deal with other spells that even now the Politicians are brewing.

And they will show how you too can become People.

The Peoples Place consists of a large hall (up to 250 people), a smaller meeting room (up to 100 people) and smaller rooms suitable for office purposes. It is self supporting and run by voluntary labour. It is available for use by any group or organisation whose aims are consistent with People.

A charge is made to cover costs according to means. Organisations without means can use the place free of charge. Enquiries to Jack Grassby, 4 Westoe Village, South Shields 60403.