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Issue 13 - June 1973
Gay News
The new reorganised vice squad has its knickers in a twist over the Gays (Queens to them). Newcastle's gay bar, the Eldon, has been full of them (squad) for weeks. They have been known to swoop and with apparent indiscrimination take out gays for 'questioning'.

What's it all about sergeant? We don't really know but one of the enquiries seems to be connected with a gay party where some people who were under-age were present. (Under-age is under 21, not 16.) If so it's being pursued with the vigour normally reserved for a murder case.

And incidentally they have now switched the lights on in the bar because some people were accused of drug taking!

The main result of this is increased attendance at GLF meetings (258 Westgate Road, N/cle) every Wednesday, and renewed vigour in the organisation. They are opening an 'Advice' and 'Pleased to meet you' service every night, hours till 10 at the same address.

They are also distributing leaflets giving advice to the harassed homosexual. The main point being IF YOU'RE IN TROUBLE SEE A SOLICITOR BEFORE ANSWERING POLICE QUESTIONS.