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Issue 12 - May 1972
Spirit At The Mayfair
I must admit I was pretty apprehensive about the idea, I mean there is nothing worse than having one's heroes dashed to pieces in your eyes by a cruddy performance. Anyway I need not have worried - instead of the production effects I actually got to see California and Cassidy. It was still a drag that this was not the original Spirit, which disintegrated after Sardonicus - Ferguson and Andes to form Jo Jo Gunne, and riches (maybe), California to his interesting but flawed solo album, Cassidy and Locke to make a fairly wretched fifth Spirit album with two nonentities who are touring the States now as the original Spirit (actually they do have names - the Staehely Brothers I believe) which is all very confusing and a very long sentence. But what is more important is that the California road show, which incidentally bases its material on all the fast numbers from the first four Spirit albums is mighty good.

Visually they were just right for the Mayfair - California a guitar hero - skinny and hairy, leaping around the stage doing practically everything except let us see and smell the sounds coming out of his guitar; Cassidy his stepfather, surrounded by two f... immense drums, bald, heavy and sweaty (not so scary when he smiled though) - the bass player acting the traditional role, but at least he was allowed the honour of telling the crowd how much the band liked Brown Ale etc.

Randy California dominated the proceedings, doing all the singing as well. The songs were nearly all familiar - Fresh Garbage (remember the first Rock Machine album), Mr Skin, Nature's Way, I got a line on you, Dark Eyed Woman, 1924 (they ought to re-release that).

Everyone had a jolly good time and were back home on time to say prayers before they went to bed.

Buck Regency