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Issue 12 - May 1973
God Gave Rock N' Roll To You
Taken from Awake (Jehovah's Witness newspaper)

Actually those without musical education are really not in position to judge much of what they hear in the way of music, as to whether it is constructed well, displays excellent taste in harmony, is developed well rhythmically, and so forth. But a person can decide how a particular musical expression affects him. For example, let's return to the hard, driving rock and roll discussed before. How does it affect young people emotionally? According to a study of 400 pregnant teenagers and 91 non-pregnant college girls, rock music turns young girls to premarital sex. This is not surprising, since such music produces in many young people a sort of physical abandon, marked by gyrating and sometimes even convulsive movements of the body which, more often than not, are centred around the pelvic region. Immorality remains a few twists away. But let's not forget the cause - the hard, driving rock music.