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Issue 11 - March 1973
Newcastle Free Info Service
Out of all the many groups and organisations involved with, and working towards, an alternative structured society; I've always felt that BIT did one of the most important jobs that desperately needed doing. It was with this in mind that we started a free info service in Newcastle. Its function is quite simple: to give information on a large collection of subjects and organisations. We don't for a moment expect, or intend, to be able to either solve or answer all your questions; but we do expect to be able to put anyone in touch with the group or the person that deals with that particular problem.

The information we have ranges from Women's Lib and Gay Lib through to abortions and contraception through to what to do if you are arrested and how to get your rent down to an acceptable rate ... with a lot of things in between.

At the moment we do not have an office or a phone but we are available 24 hours a day if needed.

These are the things you can do to help us:

1 Use us if you need information or just someone to talk to.
2 Feed back information that you think we can use to pass on to other people.
3 Any green or red shield stamps or ciggy coupons or spare bread or, in fact, anything you think can be of use to us such as typing paper or envelopes etc.

We realise that some people may find it difficult to come and see us because we're not on the phone but since we're not likely to be embarrassed at what you want to know, then you try not to be.


Monday-Friday Ultima Thule Bookshop
22 Arcadia, Percy Street, Newcastle 1

Nights and weekends 42 Cardigan Tce, Heaton, Newcastle 6