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Issue 10 - February 1973
Chrisfarce Is Gone
The time has come! For Christ's sake to let him die in his already well mutilated condition. The celebration of his birth has widely become the celebration of the birth of excess excretion from the body, the consumer-goods-making factories and the houses out of which the two-day-old broken cardboardy-plasticy-glittery toys get ejected, freshly wrapped in shrouds of torn crumpled wrapping paper.

It appears that the main mass of British Humans have to save up materially and emotionally to unleash their conscious love for their relatives, friends and even acquaintances throughout this Chrisfarce period and, because of the sheep syndrome weakness of that main mass of British Humans, their brain-cassettes are locked on to this new mechanical process of love-display, behind the ideas-grille of which there lie some real resilient human emotions. Have not most people noticed the anti-climactic end to the Christmas-crammed rush? I feel presents should be given only when the givers feel warmed towards the recipients - then there is a proper love feeling with no hang-over, and the whole action is positive with elative tingle. There is no 'Out of Pocket Blues', no 'What'll I Get Him - That'll Do Waltz', just a correct good feeling. People seem to be pulled back from giving presents when they individually feel inclined because they are made timid by the 40ft high roaring Father Christmas image with its high advertismantic magnetic field reading. What a superficial surface-scum level this current society swims through! - but that's another subject upon which I am most willing to proffer theses.

The Bible seems to have been compiled so that the great mass of humans could be made to understand and practise an ideal of living with is, like all religions, based on some aspect or other of basic physical needs (including social grouping) and multi-layered brain thoughts. But like any writing that attempts to represent multi-layered brain ideas, it fails because no two people get exactly the same meaning from a particular word-arrangement and therefore a surface level of meaning that exists both in the idea and in its written representation is extracted to serve all the individuals that it desires to bring together in that particular social and mental harmony.

And it can be seen that, due to the complexity, scope and vast word mass of the Bible, various groups branched off again and again with their own different surface interpretations, and just look at the diverse range of ostrich-head-burying Christian branches and sub-branches that exist in Hardly Harmony at this time!

So, we'll just have to wait until all this heavy adolescent squabbling burns its various selves to natural ashes (good fertiliser for the soil) before the human world-race can have a common 'religion' (but that word maybe would have gone down in the ashes) which is not written down for scholars to misread and misbroadcast but is all about survival of the human pins stuck round the woolly-world-ball and allows for a much higher plane of life-quality activity of which we are all definitely capable.

Ron Geesin