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Issue 10 - February 1973
Make-Up In The Raw

Whales play a very important part in ocean life: if we wipe out their colonies we are in danger of disrupting the whole oceanic food chain.

The ultimate step in whaling has now been taken, with the introduction of radar ships, sonar ships, factory ships (for immediate dissection of the whales), helicopters for spotting whales and so on. The rate at which whales are exterminated is increasing enormously - on average a whale is killed every 12 minutes of the day. We must now ask ourselves if it is time to stop (and also tell those responsible for the deaths that it is time to stop), we haven't many more whales left; isn't it time we gave them an amnesty.

Action guide

Write to:

MPs - urging ban on whale imports
Dept of Trade and Industry - urging ban on whale imports
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries - same thing
Dept of Education and Science - same thing
Companies using whale products - urging use of alternatives and ceasing whale imports
Shops and stores - urging them not to stock products containing whale matter

Do NOT buy products containing whale matter. These include most cosmetics and pet foods

For a list of products using whale matter see Muther Grumble No.9 p.10 and for a list of addresses of companies using whale products write or phone us.

Both the above are available from Friends of the Earth. Also from FOE 'Save the Whale' badges 10p + SAE. Whale Campaign Manual price 65p. Endangered Species Campaign Manual price 10p.

Friends of the Earth, 9 Poland Street, London W1V 3DG. Or Colin Clews, c/o Fullbeck Grange, Northgate, Morpeth, Northumberland.