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Issue 9 - December 1972
Parrot Post
Angry Brigade
A few days before going to press we got a communiqué (Number 14) from the Angry Brigade. 'Fraid we can't print all of it, because of lack of space:

Brothers and Sisters, we have Old Bailey nightmares … the cruel irony of those planted at Amhurst Rd, the Stoke Newington Eight. The Angry Brigade Trial is a trial in the absence of the Angry Brigade. Habershon's gang has been hunting for nearly two years. The nearest they ever got was to frame up known militants like Prescott and Purdie. It is the same desperate logic that hanged Hanratty.

They haven't caught us and they can't. That's why friends and sympathisers we've hardly rubbed shoulders with have been fitted up. We are not there to defend ourselves for the simple reason that no-one we know leaves gelly and detonators in their lounge.

Maigret is more real than Scotland Yard fables. We know the truth, the pigs know the truth … the Stoke Newington 8 are innocent.

Sooner or later they will be freed.

Sooner or later you will hear from us again.

The thalidomide butchers and the lead poisoners will never appear at the Old Bailey. Master criminal Rawlinson aids and abets the covering up of these crimes. The millionaires who pollute our lives have taken out a lifelong insurance policy called police protection. Every criminal trial ignores the real criminals.




Dear Muther,

Having left art school I find that the range of machinery, materials and space available to me anywhere is very limited and I have discovered that other people find the same.

I am interested in knowing any other frustrated workers in the arts, who would like something done about it right here in Newcastle.

What I have in mind is a core of people who are willing to pool their resources to get the equipment and space they need. Perhaps a money-raising exhibition of work would kick it off … free to see, but all works saleable.

Too many artists give up or slacken off once out of art college. They find themselves isolated and penniless unless they take up one of the usual jobs. If we recognise a problem in common then it would be wise to tackle it together.

Write to: Stan Gamester, 5 Stoneyhurst Road, Newcastle on Tyne 3

I am longing to hear from you.

Uncle Andy
Dear Muther,

Much pleased and relieved to see you've recovered, although not, as yet, fully in spirit I feel.

Your write-up on Andy (Cunningham) achieved summat that the efforts of a very few failed to do in years, at our local friendly asbestos factory here.

The Union for the shop floor lads here is the GMWU and accordingly it has its own noticeboard inside the works entrance. Somehow, under 'spicious cercs, your feature found its way onto this board and provoked much interest and comment.

"So bloody what" you might well ask. The point is that up until now, apathy has been rife - the scourge, as you lads and lasses will appreciate, which continues to preclude any reasonable chance of getting it all sorted out. The appearance of your article however seems to have acted as a catalyst in the process of inducing the lads to think. They have begun to question - not just how the Cunningham has got away with so much, but the very nature and fundamentals of why and how they turn in to further the system with such acquiescence, day after day without any sort of challenge. (You'd think standing by a noisy machine in the middle of the night, periodically being sprayed with caustic shit (as opposed to wit) would provoke its own reaction but no, not until now.) It's getting through at last lads! Keep it up …

… While I realise that you can't resolve completely your differences with IS, in my opinion it would be a mistake if you persist in attacking them thro' Muther Grumble. I know that your chief complaint against IS is that it is a centralist organisation, but nonetheless I do think you both have a lot of common ground, and it would be a pity to isolate yourselves, and possibly alienate a large section of your readership, over this …

… Second point. A fair old bit of your July edish was printed in the vernacular - or Geordie as she is spoke. This I think was a good thing …


Hi Muther Grumblers,

Good to have you back with us again. Hope you can keep going for a bit longer this time, 'cos you're really needed up here to fill in that vast void that exists, and bring people who care together and those who don't (just badly informed) a little bit of knowledge.

… Anyway, thought you'd like to know what we're doing at Gateshead Tech (yeah Gateshead Tech). Well, we're (Students Union) starting a collection to give every needy pensioner in Gateshead a Christmas parcel. You know the kind of thing - chicken or turkey and some groceries.

What we had planned to do was to get every student to donate something like 20p - and we've got 6,000 students at our place. It could be done, I mean to say 20p out of most students' pockets is nothing, but we've come across a snag - two as a matter of fact.

The first is there is no complete list of students in the Tech; the other is we ain't got any co-operation from the staff and they are the ones who'd collect the money. But this system is working at Hebburn Tech and has been for some years now, they do a really great job taking direct help to the people who need it most - the OAPs.

Anyway, all we can do now is go round with a tin, and ask the kids to give generously … and we're going to work on the staff so that maybe by the time Christmas comes they'll be willing to give about half an hour of their time to some people who can't help themselves.

A coming event we'd like a bit of publicity for is our Christmas party at the Guildhall. It's on the 21st December, 8pm till 1am, and costs 50p to get in. The groups we've booked so far are Hedgehog Pie and Prelude, and we're looking for another one to complete the bill …

Love, Bede