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Issue 9 - December 1972
Futurist Film
One interesting offshoot of the Futurist Exhibition, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle until Dec 8th, is a project being carried out by Pete Roberts and Murray Martin of Amber Films, the Newcastle-based film group. They had been shown film scripts written 60 years ago by Mario Scaparro, Filippo Tommaso, Marinetti and Volt who were futurist artists and decided to film 3 of these scripts, which will involve animation and use of models. Pete and Murray are so interested in the scripts that Amber Films are going to produce the 3 films themselves. Only one futurist script has ever been filmed before and that is now in Paris.

Following is one of the scripts which Pete and Murray will use:

THE IMPROVISED BALLOON / 11 Pallonc Improvvisato

Written by: Mario Scaparro (he describes the film as a cinemagraphic poem)

The Man
The Cloud
The Belly
The Basket
Three Passengers
The Balloon with the head of a man

The fantasy takes place on the balcony of a cottage and in the sky overhead.

The Man appears on the balcony breathing the air deeply.

The cloud is rapidly deformed by the inhalation of The Man, lengthening towards him and disappearing inside his inhaling mouth.

The Belly gradually swells enormously as The Man swallows The Cloud … it becomes an enormous spherical balloon that The Man's waistcoat checkers like the rigging of an aerostat ... The Balcony forms The Basket ... three people take their places and The Balloon with the head of a Man ascends.