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Issue 9 - December 1972
Free Press
As reported in MG No.8, a free press is coming to the north-east. What is a free press? It operates on a self-help basis. Costs are kept to a minimum by encouraging people to do most of the work themselves. Facilities consist of materials and equipment for both preparing work for printing and collecting it together, stapling it etc afterwards. The printing itself will be done by a few permanent voluntary staff.

The press will survive by doing work for richer arts and community groups at competitive commercial rates.

The major obstacle to its establishment is lack of premises. A printing press has already been bought, thanks partly to a grant from the Arts Council, and at present is stored at South Shields. It is hoped that when the free press is set up it will be able to publish arts magazines, community organisation bulletins, leaflets for voluntary organisations and other hard-up groups. But none of these ideas can be realised unless premises are found. What is required are two rooms approx 20' x 15', in a reasonably dry atmosphere.

If you have any suggestions or can help in any way, please contact MG, or:

Eric Taylor
The Bede Gallery
Butcher's Bridge Road
Springwell Park
Co Durham