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Issue 9 - December 1972
Fatfield Flat-field
The County Council planning department have struck again! The villagers of Fatfield, which won the 1972 prize for the most improved village in County Durham, has discovered that over half the village is to be demolished. 129 houses are to disappear to make way for an urban motorway and a park, as part of the Washington New Town development scheme. Work on the motorway and a new river bridge will start next year and residents have been advised to leave before then to avoid inconvenience although the actual conversion to a recreational park is not expected to start until 1979.

A residents association has been formed to fight the County Council and Lambton Lion Park which wants to build an access road for the tourists through the village.

Although the development of parkland is a good idea, it seems a bit illogical to build a load of nasty new houses on the open countryside and then demolish a nice little village to make into an artificial park.