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Issue 9 - December 1972
Help Release Darlington


These are the type of headlines which are becoming a familiar sight in the local press. This seems to us to point to the need for a 'Release' type organisation in this area.

The headlines, as we all know, represent only the tip of the iceberg. There must be many drugs / sex / social / legal problems which receive no help, and which do not hit the headlines. On this assumption some of us here in Darlington decided to get off our arses and try to do something about it.

We contacted a friendly doctor who said she would help, and also put us on to a relatively sympathetic lawyer.

With two professionals behind us we had to find the cost of an office. This we discovered to be about £8 per week.

After a meeting which was rather poorly attended we resolved to send a letter to IT and call another meeting when events dictated.

So far we have a nucleus of 4 potential full-time workers: Jill, Graham, Pam and myself; a source of professional help and numerous pieces of information.

What we really need is money - sorry but we still need that filthy basic product of capitalism - and we need lots of it.

We need equipment - typewriters, telephones - and we will have to pay overheads such as office rent, telephone bills and so on.

Will anyone who cares about the state of society please help us. Anyone who doesn't care (and by Christ it seems that there are a lot of you) well all I can say is that you might need us if you get busted, if your chick needs an abortion, if you're booted out of your pad, or in any other emergency; so help us so that we can help you, 'cos just about no-one else will.

All correspondence should be sent to

Derek Stainsby
C/o Students Union
Darlington Tech
Cleveland Ave,