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Issue 9 - December 1972

Muther Grumble is a year old as we publish this issue. This fact amazes us and the fact that issue ever got together amazes us, which all sounds quite amazing to us because it's extremely hard to write sensibly when you've suffered brain damage and your brain cells have been burnt out because of lack of sleep and you haven't got any brain cells left. It's like going round in circles.







Muther Grumble needs more help if we are to survive. We must have people to man the office, sell the paper and help in all kinds of ways. At the moment there are just a few of us (getting fewer) and we've got too much to do as it is - as well as all the things we want to do but haven't the time for. So if you want an alternative paper in the north-east help us to produce one!

We promised some time ago to publish our financial position. So here it is: Our monthly expenses are:

Telephone £20
Print bill £160
Rates / rent £20
Office / general £30
Typewriter £6

Total £236

Our income is:

Advertising £50 (approx)
Sales £150 (approx)

Total £200

Our average monthly deficit is £30.

At the moment we have immediate debts of £360, and we've got £100 in the bank.

So if we can balance our monthly figures, we can reduce our long-term debts. HELP!