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Issue 8 - November 1972
Very Boring
The Movement of Survival is the body organised by 'The Ecologist' magazine (publishers of the Blueprint for Survival) with the intention of bringing together groups interested in taking united action against ecological destruction. Following the 8th Sept meeting groups are now being asked to decide whether or not they wish to affiliate to the Movement of Survival, if so they are asked to elect one member of their own group to represent them at future MS meetings. The meeting was not particularly well organised, speakers were hard to hear and there was a lack of vitality in most of what was said. Perhaps this is understandable considering the immensity of the problem?

It was accepted that para 210 of the Blueprint of Survival be accepted as a basis for a political manifesto. It remains to be seen whether one section of this paragraph, the creation of a social system in which people experience enjoyment rather than restriction, can be achieved by organising the Movement on the centralised lines which many of the groups present seemed to favour. An alternative to such an approach which was discussed at the meeting would be to see the Movement as fulfilling the purpose of improving communications between eco-groups, to act as a forum rather than to formalise action. But Mr Allen is the 'captain' at the moment and his sailors at the Ecologist will be drawing up a draft political manifesto which "could be adopted by the Movement for Survival if the Council wished". It is suggested that the next meeting be held in January.

In his summary of the meeting Mr Allen says that it was decided at the 8th Sept meeting that "the Movement for Survival will form coalitions of local organisations … free to act as pressure groups … or by directly contesting local elections and national bye-elections or through community action …" Well, I don't remember any collective agreement on that subject but it's nice to know that we're going to be free. What I don't see is why Mr Allen feels that the January meeting should elect a (central) Action Committee if the movement is supposed to be operating through local coalitions? I suppose we'll have to wait and see.