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Issue 8 - November 1972
Agitprop Collective has an updated list of new literature, posters and badges available for SAE. Some of the new material available for activists include:

12p - Directory of Organisations
37½p - Sexual Struggle of Youth. Reich
7½p - Women, Work and Unions. Selma James
75p - Making Communes, Whole Earth Tools
5p - Poster of Lord Hogg's amazing comments on the law
15p - Prop Prisoners mag
40p - Brian Faulkner, Crisis of Ulster Unionism
5p - Armed Love Badge. Black on red
15p - Armed Struggle in West Germany. RAF papers
plus 15% postage

When in London visit Agitprop Collective's bookshop at 248 Bethnal Green Road, E2 (01 739 1704) to get material for yourself or your group, or your union. Any support for the research and educational collective would be appreciated.