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Issue 8 - November 1972
Uncle Andy's Juggling Circus
Continuous Performances, Full Supporting Cast

Andy Cunningham is an Alderman of Durham County Council, of which he was Chairman at one time.

Andy is a member of the Planning and Education Committees in County Durham.

Andy is a member of the Labour Party National Executive.

Andy is Chairman of the Labour Party Finance Committee.

Andy is Regional Secretary of the North-East area of the General and Municipal Workers' Union (third largest union in Britain).

The GMWU recently gave Andy a vote of confidence.

The GMWU has a 'closed shop' at Newcastle Airport.

Andy is Chairman of the Newcastle Airport Authority.

The GMWU is the largest union in Peterlee.

Andy is a member of Peterlee Development Corporation.

Andy lives in Chester-le-Street.

The Councillors (Labour) in Chester-le-Street are also GMWU officials.

Andy is Chairman of Tyneside Passenger Transport Authority.

Andy was Chairman of the Northumbrian River Authority. (He was paid £1,000 per year. Previously the post was non-salaried.)

The Shields ferry is named 'The Freda Cunningham' (his wife).

Andy is a fervent supporter of Law and Order.

Andy is Chairman of Durham Police Authority.

Andy has been asked to resign, due to his connections with Mr John Poulson. (He has not resigned.)

Andy and his family had a holiday in Portugal and a holiday in Majorca, both paid for by Poulson. (In respect of these holidays he has paid £652 to Poulson's creditors since the bankruptcy enquiry.)

Andy received £1,000 per year via T Dan Smith's public relations firm, from Poulson. (T Dan Smith was also Chairman of the North-East Development Corporation and was acquitted of corruption charges.)

Andy's wife received £1,500 per year (from the same source) as an adviser in interior decoration.

Andy's wife is a magistrate and teacher (not an interior decorator).

Andy was a member of Felling Council.

The Poulson bankruptcy enquiry cast doubt on some contracts awarded to Poulson in the north-east. Namely, some large blocks of flats in Felling, a new Headquarters for the Northumbrian River Authority, and a new Police Headquarters in Sunderland.

Makes ya think, dunnit!

However, Andy is not a Member of Parliament, which seems surprising. Still, his son is!