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Issue 8 - November 1972
The Stoke Newington Eight, who are they you might ask? Oh, hang on, aren't they the people who were on trial at the Old Bailey for conspiracy? I remember now, something to do with the 'Angry Brigade'. What happened to them?

The answer is simple, they are still on trial for conspiracy at the Old Bailey. With little or no coverage in the straight press however all those who said they didn't know are forgiven. Evidence for the defence is now being heard, this is after everyone involved has had a holiday (except the defendants). In fact the trial started in May and it was last August 1 year and 3 months almost, since their arrest. Is the old thing about innocent until proved guilty wearing a bit thin? It's certainly a long time to wait whatever the outcome is.

Considering that their defence is that they never had anything to do with the 'Angry Brigade' and the non-existence of any concrete evidence to prove otherwise, I'll leave you with this little sum, how many eights in 56 million?