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Issue 7 - July 1972
The police thought so much of Soc'em's latest march in Newcastle on the last Saturday of June that they decided not to be represented among the shaggy band of protesters.

Instead, two traffic wardens did the officiating as the column moved off from Exhibition Park in the direction of the city centre.

This time, the march was competing with the Hoppings on the Town Moor but again, about 200 people braved the indifference and hostility of shoppers.

However, some 2,000 leaflets with map showing the projected routes of the motorways and suitable snide comments about planning for cars rather than people, were distributed during the march, giving many poor souls their first look at the shape of things to come.

The great failure of the day was the lack of response by the trade unions to an appeal to join the demonstrators.

Among those who refused their invite were ASTMS, Clive Jenkins' boys; NUPE, the public employees; the NUJ with about two notable exceptions and even some busmen who wouldn't let the pre-march posters into their depot.

Perhaps it was a bit much to hope that the first motorway march in Britain to have widespread union support would occur in Newcastle.