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Issue 7 - July 1972
Bede Students' Survey
Some students of Bede College, Durham have carried out a survey of school leavers in South Shields to determine how much useful information they received at school. The students are now attending the Induction Class at S Shields technical college.

Their report states: "It was felt that the most accurate method of assessing a system which aims to prepare students for the school / work transition would be to obtain feedback from students who are at present undergoing this same transition."

A questionnaire was filled in by 34 students from 6 schools, 28 had been to a secondary school and 28 had a careers teacher in their school - however, only 6 felt he had been any help to them in choosing a job.

All the students had been in contact with the Youth Employment officer - but only 38% of them felt that he had been any use to them in helping them find a job. He only gave 5 of them advice about courses available at the Tech College as opposed to work.

Only one student was informed at school about social security benefits for unemployed young people.

The students were asked whether they felt prepared for leaving school. 6 felt they were prepared for starting work; 9 felt they were adequately prepared for going to college but only 9 (26.9%) felt they were prepared for entering adult life. Only 5 felt prepared for finding a job.

When asked to state other subjects or information which the students thought should have been given at school, 21 requested more information on careers, 7 requested more practical work experience of a kind available in the tech workshops, 9 requested information on SS benefits and 9 requested information on courses available at the Tech for school leavers.