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Issue 6 - June 1972
Drowning In The Bath
The builders are putting in a bath. I am hoping that before the coal runs out the builders will have joined, plumbed and plastered a complete bathroom, with a bath in which I can immerse my cold body in calm, warm waters.

Is that quite straight? It is a works of reconstruction I am undergoing in these coming cold times with coal running out. Let me put you straight straightaway: into the picture. Here is my house in which I live; and a part of this house is taken away, like sometimes your breath is taken away.

Excuse me, with all this banging and hammering and upset in my house I am not thinking straight. Is difficult to sort things out, what with all the banging and hammering, is no place for thinking.

As I was saying, can you imagine a man with a hole in his head? Because like this is my house now the builders are here. A part is put out of action, is no useful any more. Is part of the house rooted out and thrown in a jumble of pipes, bricks and metal, rubble and suchlike, out in the backyard. Is pulled out and slung down splat, clatter! Is heap of rubble in the backyard.

Well now, scratch the plumbers head! ... is his head is having the hole init? No. Let us leave the scratching of heads, for the hole will be filled in this reconstruction works. And all will be well enough when in the bath like paradise I can lay in calm waters when the fires have gone out.

(This banging!)

No! course not, course a man can't have a hole in his head. That was like analogy: bit taken out of house like bit taken out of head, would be the same. Is part of something and no use to be made of it. One lugged lump slopped in heap in the backyard.

Now is this banging pulverising my head. Will ever I be in paradise waters, laying immersed in calm waters when the coal is run out?

Now is jarring and banging and pulverising me thinking crooked. Is that I cannot be thinking and thinking and straight. Is like questions and problems are to me like hammers. What! and When! and suchlike is like hammers on my head. Is no use. Is no use me thinking of waters lapping 'gainst side of bath.

There aren't no straight lines. All this banging at my head till it is no use. Use it isn't at all. Like only a jumble of thinkings and crookednesses fit to be slopped in heap in backyard.

Then builders will be coming and measuring the hole in my head for right size stanchions and crossbeams and suchlike. Would have me fixed up in no time. I would be sinking like a stone the way the hole in my head is filled.

Gwilym Jupe