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Issue 6 - June 1972
In Stockton the North East branch of the National Cleansing Crusade have produced a pamphlet called 'Mothers of Britain - Wake Up'.

Since we print all viewpoints, we thought we'd give you a sample of this one.

After quoting a letter from the 'Mothers' Crusade Inc for Victory over Communism, Mesa, Arizona', about the disastrous results of sex education - which as we all know is communist inspired - the pamphlet continues: "We are a nation gone mad ... death penalty abolished ... child rapists and killers live ... sodomy is legal ... sex taught in our schools ... with mongrelisation advocated ... and all because a handful of MPs and Bishops have forced these abominable laws upon the decent people of Great Britain. For the sake and safety of our children we must throw out these wretched warped creatures of all parties who have forced God-forbidden laws upon the decent people of Britain. These Humanist wreckers in our Parliaments, not content with passing laws permitting child killers and murderers-in-general to live, have legalised sodomy and do murder innocence."

And that's just the beginning.

The end goes: "Wake up ... Mothers of a Britain gone mad ... for if we who are responsible are to ensure the safety and decency of a truly Christian heritage ... then we must discriminate ... give greater attention to the religious and national origins of all future candidates for Government ... and ... refuse your vote to supporters of these God-dishonouring laws which appal the vast majority of decent men and women of Great Britain ... Cry ... Shame to all men in Church and Government who degrade Britain through the Act of Sodomy."