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Issue 5 - May 1972

Watching the tele the other night at 9:58pm. The ads were on, have you got your newer, brighter, cheaper product yet? A small capsule had just swooped out of the left-hand corner of the TV and landed majestically on the carpet. A small sliding door slid slowly open on its side and a minute figure clambered out onto the carpet.
Another followed. Both hesitated awkwardly and seemed uncertain of their footing. A small moon-bug (swat) was unloaded from the capsule and then both men began collecting bits of fluff and dirt from the carpet in the immediate vicinity of the craft.
They loaded their debris on board, re-emerged for a quick game of golf (at this stage the cat became interested) and later raised a tiny stars and stripes (apparently the US flag does not constitute litter). Then they got back on board and minutes later thrust off and shot back into the TV.
News at Ten told us they were bringing back moonrocks!