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Issue 5 - May 1972
Whole Earth Catalogue
If you recognise this article, it is because we are repeating it as a reminder that Roger really means what he says.

The idea is simple. A catalogue of 'access to tools' written by people who have used the goods rather than those who manufactured them.

Basically, I want to compile something for the north-east which has the same implications for the area as the American Whole Earth Catalogue had for America. The AWEC talked about things like wood stoves, geodesic dome building, alternative ways of making money, what where and how much the best materials for a hundred and one different things were, how to use these materials in the best way (e.g. working wood), art, painting etc.

If I get enough information and knowledge from you about things like the above and anything else you think worth mentioning in a book which is a practical guide to making a success of an alternative lifestyle, then the North East Whole Earth Catalogue will appear.

If you're not sure what the catalogue should concern, don't worry, because I don't either. We have to work it out together. Just sit down and try to imagine that you really know something that someone else would be really interested in and write and tell me about it. Letters, comments, jokes, interesting true facts, all greatly appreciated.

Roger Booth
51 Larkspur Terrace
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 3DT