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Issue 5 - May 1972
We've decided that we're now organised and together enough to begin to circularise newspapers and information services and the like on the subject of POSSE and what it's doing.

Firstly, we run a stall in York market twice a week (you may already know about this; we've put requests through various channels for some copies of MG to sell, but no action so far. Hint) The stall sells al available underground / radical newspapers, magazines and some books, hippy paraphernalia such as joss sticks, inevitable patchouli and other perfume oils, church incense (over 12 kinds) and most important, the products of our collective home industries: Woof's candles, Viv's clothes and beads, Sue's crocheting, Ian's leatherwork and anything that anyone wants to bring to us. The stall's on Thursdays and Saturdays. In a few weeks time we're opening a bric-a-brac stall on Tuesdays.

Secondly, we've started a cheap people's food service. Groceries come from a local cash-and-carry and are sold at minimum profit simply to cover the cost of running the service. We do a good deal on stone-ground wholemeal flour from a Yorkshire mill: 3p lb, or £2 for a 70lb bag. We're tracking down sources of other staple foods. We buy some from Community Supplies when we go to London, which we do quite often, and we'll do that as well as pick up anything else. In fact another of our most frequent activities is trucking; we have the borrow of a slow but steady old ambulance, and a friendly arrangement with a good van-hire firm for speedier trips. We took several van loads to Beefheart and to the Dead in N/cle recently, and are taking several more to Bickershaw.

We think we're well organised enough now to advertise ourselves as an information service too - our number is York 28723. We often help people looking for accommodation and we have a pretty wide knowledge of most aspects of York and district. Anything else - we'll probably attempt.