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Issue 5 - May 1972
Mrs Neary Fights On
As reported in last month's MG, the only thing delaying work on the Central Motorway Scheme in Newcastle is Mrs Margaret Neary (and her house). Up until now the council has tried several times to move her, offering various other premises, all of which are unsuitable as she operates a B&B service for lorry drivers etc. Mrs Neary has refused all alternatives offered and will continue to do so until she receives a suitable offer.

All offers so far have been presented in a peaceful manner, but if the battle is to continue it is pretty obvious that the authorities will turn to other methods, and that's when Mrs N is going to need help. At the moment someone is needed to 'watch' the house in case she needs help fast.

Although our group isn't noted for its 'civil liberties' activities we intend to fight for Mrs Neary until she obtains what she considers to be a fair deal. She's the only one who has the courage to fight the motorway and the authorities single-handed so we feel she should have as much support as possible. We've also been promised backing from Tyneside Environmental Concern and SOCEM.

We hope to get a petition going to raise 5,000 signatures (at least) and we'll need people to help raise them. We're also hoping to get a demo or protest march going in the near future, so anyone interested either phone or write and I'll let them know what's going on.

Colin Clews - Friends of the Earth