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Issue 4 - April 1972
Whilst on remand you have the right to:

1) to read what you want
2) to private notepaper to write to your lawyer
3) to an envelope for above
4) to an extended visit of ½ an hour
5) to see the 'visiting committee' to complain
6) to petition the Home Secretary 'for unusual requests'
7) to see your solicitor outside visiting hours or on Sunday
8) to have vegetarian or Kosher food
9) to keep greetings cards in your cell
10) to attend evening classes
11) to share books with other prisoners
12) to see up to three friends for 15 minutes every day except Sunday
13) to a copy of the rules
14) to your own cutlery, sheets or radio at your own expense
15) to ½ an hour exercise each day
16) to learn to read or write instead of work
17) to be visited by a surety at any time during the week
18) to wear your own clothes
19) to have meals sent in at your own expense
20) to make applications to the Governor every day except Sunday

(from FRENDZ No.20)

You should no longer be compelled to have a haircut whilst on remand.

Remember if you are arrested DO NOT make any statement until you have talked to a solicitor. Too many people get done on their own evidence.
(Reminder from MG3 page 10)