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Issue 4 - April 1972
Lobotomy is an operation on the brain designed to eliminate 'undesirable' or 'abnormal' behaviour in the patient. In Britain about 400 such operations are performed a year, and the number is rising. The Washington Post remarks:

"The newest and most threatening development in psychosurgery may indeed be the use of this technology against new 'target' groups: neurotics suffering from anxiety, tension, obsessions, and depressions and particularly women, since the ability to return to household duties is frequently regarded as evidence of success. In addition other 'social problem' groups are attracting attention: criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics, homosexuals, old people, and hyperactive children."

This idea is apparently becoming quite popular: Professor Delgado, of Yale University, suggests that a billion dollar organisation be set up in an attempt to control domestic and international conflict through operations on the brain.

Moreover after the Detroit riots of 1967, 3 Boston doctors proposed a screening programme to detect brain disease and to treat potential rioters.