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Issue 4 - April 1972
Whole Earth Calalogue
The idea is simple. A catalogue of 'access to tools' written by people who have used the goods and goodies rather than those who manufactured them. Next to define what tools it will be about.

The Amerikan Whole Earth Catalogue was a 300 odd page catalogue telling about what the best wood stove was under certain conditions and where you got hold of it and how much it cost; outlining various techniques of geodesic dome building and where you got the materials and what books were good on the subject and who had actually done it and where they could be contacted; how you could make money by making and selling (eating type) plates, what the best wood to use is and where it could be got from and what the best way of working the wood was; about fabric painting for fun and profit etc etc.

Well I'm going to do (with help from my friends) one for the north-east. Now the situation in this country may be very different from the states and the idea may not be applicable here, but I'll soon find out because YOU have to write to me telling me about your experiences with various ideas, books, domes, processes etc and depending on the amount and type of information collected a North East Whole Earth Catalogue of some kind or another may or may not be produced.

If you're still not sure about what the catalogue should contain don't worry because I don't know either. We have to work it out together. Just sit down and try to imagine that you really know something that someone else would really be interested in (because it's probably true that you do know something) and write and tell me about it. This catalogue will tie in with whatever information services are operating at present and also with the Newcastle Free College of Further Education (about which more later). Letters, comments, jokes, interesting true facts, all greatly appreciated.


Roger Booth
51 Larkspur Terrace
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2DT