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Issue 4 - April 1972
Introducing the campaign for homosexual equality on Teesside.

Our prime objectives are:

To promote social and legal equality between all men and women.
To press for further reforms of law which deny such equality.
To eradicate the prejudice and hostility faced by the homosexual.
To work towards the creation of social meeting places where homosexual men and women, and heterosexuals may gather in a congenial atmosphere.

Some of the things CHE has done and is doing:

Collecting evidence of discrimination on the grounds of sexual preference, by landlords and employers.
Recording the ever-increasing amount of unprovoked harassment by the police.
Presenting its views and objectives to MPs - both by representation from the organisation and by personal approach by individual members.
Liaising with other homophile organisations in this country and abroad.
Helping serious research projects by making information available.
Inviting doctors, psychologists, MPs and social workers to attend groups.
Making our presence felt - by democratic and responsible methods - at party political and other conferences.
Creating a library of pamphlets and fact sheets about all aspects of homosexuality.
Making speakers available to other organisations about the homosexual.

This group is one of 36 throughout the country, and is just a small part of Britain's homophile organisation.

On Teesside, we are very fortunate to have active groups.

Group 1 meets officially every other Friday and caters for all tastes.

It meets in members' homes or pubs and arranges a wide selection of activities to cover, we hope, the majority of members' interests.

There are about 30-40 members attending regularly who live within a fairly wide radius of Teesside.

We have members in Northallerton, Whitley Bay, Darlington, Scarborough, Durham City, Guisborough and Edmundbyers.

Some members frequently have their own private get-togethers in between official meetings.

Group 2 caters more for younger people. It has its own club, which is licensed for drinking and dancing and is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays every week.

Here again, there are plenty of social activities for over 100 members, of all ages, to meet and have an enjoyable time.

It is a warm and comfortable-looking place, just the right size and purpose made for the group.

Whatever your age, you are most cordially invited to join either, or both, groups, whether you are male or female. There's almost as many females as males.

If you require any further details (there's a leaflet available telling you all about the objects and aims of CHE) or just want to be a guest to see what it's like, with no obligation to join, then write to:

Frank H Smith
52 Belmont Avenue
Billingham, Teesside

I, as CHE organiser of group 2, can assure you of a warm welcome at either group. There is a small nominal sum to join, and if there are any transport difficulties, these can usually be overcome very easily.